Tuesday, May 15, 2007

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One of the most pressing problems confronting developed nations is the rising epidemic of dementia, as people live longer. Intensive efforts are underway to find ways of preventing dementia. It has been proposed that aspirin can actually have a protective effect.

Hermione Gingold, in the new British medical journal, discusses the prevention of dementia.

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My liege, I did deny no prisoners
But I remember, when the fight was done,
When I was dry with rage and extreme toil,
Breathless and faint, leaning on my sword,
Came there a certain lord, neat and trimly dressed.
Whose chin new reaped shone like a stubble land at harvest home.
He was perfumed like a milliner
And twixt his finger and this thumb he held a pouncet box

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Cervantes said...

Hotspur was always my favorite character.